Good morning

Today, when I went out for a jog and looked out the window, this is what I saw. The pollution-tainted sky of the urban world. This view is pretty much constant all around the world. The dull sky, the filthy air. 

No, this is not my rant about climate change (that’s a story for another time). I just miss waking up to the freshness of nature. The lazy sun, the fresh chill in the air, the rejuvenating feel that just makes you want to go out. Nowadays, I just look out the window and have to coax myself halfheartedly (not always successful) to atleast go for a jog. I’m just saying that change is required. And despite us telling ourselves that a single person can’t change anything; a single person is all it takes to make a difference. 

You are ineffable. 

You are magical. 

You are the 1, that makes 99 into 100. 

You are the change.
Anyway, whilst looking at this scenario, another thought crossed my mind. 

It doesn’t matter how bad the morning seems; what matters is how you make your day. 

We, you and I, have two choices:

  • I could just be annoyed and disheartened by the fact that I didn’t have a good morning because of a sunset


  • I could be grateful for waking up in the first place, make this morning not even a small blemish in my wonderful day.

The decision is yours. There’re two roads that we can start on everyday – happy or sad. It’s upto us to choose which road we take. 

Have a great day!

Happy living,



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