Clarification… And a little something special for you.

Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday!

And Yes, I’m going to be clarifying a few important things in today’s post. I realised something yesterday. The fact that my blog had a lot of similarity with other self-help books et al. And also, someone came up to me questioning if my ideas were original. 

I write what I feel. I’m not saying I’m the only one who feels it. Or the only one who ever has. And yes, some books or movies make me feel good and change the way I feel; and I write what I feel. 

Yesterday’s post had a pretty similar idea to one of my favourite books (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne). No, I’m not plagiarising the book. But that book changed me and made me feel what I feel. So, yes the ideas are same. But countless people before me could’ve had the exact same thoughts and countless others would have the exact same thoughts. That’s no plagiarising; just similar thinking. 

Yes, you might say, “Even I could read a book and write a blog on it.” Well, why don’t you? I encourage you! Because the feeling of knowing that you’re making a difference to someone’s life, no matter how small, is one of the best feelings in the world. 

And I truly am sorry if you think that I’m just here plagiarising stuff and wasting your time. 

Moving on, I’ve got something exciting for you guys. 

This is kind of a game. Why don’t you guys tell me what you want my views on? Just type in the comment section below. Anything- a word, a phrase, anything that you’d like me to write on

Hope to hear from you!

Happy living and happy Sunday!



10 thoughts on “Clarification… And a little something special for you.

  1. Abhay , I am so glad you cleared everyone thoughts, that they are your ideas & you are not trying to copy or being accused for plagiarism.
    I, for one always believe in you because I know what you are capable of …. It was just a matter time for you to realize your own potential …. So proud of you that you share your ideas to make difference in others life …
    I would love to hear your thoughts about……. “SEASON”……..

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  2. hi, abhay i really like your views and thoughts it really motivates me to do something that i don’t . keep it up brother and i will keep stalking ur blogs for more knowledge and thoughts.

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  3. Bro it happens that whatever we think or write is many a times encouraged by the things which we come across in our daily life and which has a crucial effect on our mind so it is not worthy to that we are plagiarising the things in our thoughts because thoughts are unique they can never plagiarise anything. ….so sorry bro but I cannot impose my subject on u to which I would like to read but i would like read what u want to like us to read…write like a free bird in the sky without caring about any criticism. …

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