Seasons. And life. 

Good afternoon everyone!

The forever-dreaded Monday is back. A change from the paradise of the weekend to the long rocky journey of week. Depicting change, just like today’s topic: Seasons

Seasons.  The concept of seasons is ironic; almost poetic. Seasons represent change; yet they’re the one thing that’s constant. The constant change. Just like our lives. The phases of our life. Each of which has a different characteristic and which teaches us new lessons.

Spring. The season of blossom. The symbolic season of childhood. When we begin growing. Begin spreading our roots. When we’re fresh, not a worry in the world, just fresh dew on our leaves. When we grow as beautiful flowers and love is showered on us. 

Summer. The season of heat. The season of our coming into adulthood. Which reminds us that our path isn’t just a magical Spring. Which shows us that sometimes, we have to burn to shine. That now we’ve bloomed into our beings and are out on our own. But which also shows that there’ll always be someone to give water and shade; someone who’ll love you and nurture you. 

Autumn. The season of warmth. The season of rest. The time when we reap the benefits of our toil in be scorching sun. The time when we snuggle up in nature’s warm bosom and look back at our life. And then smiling, knowing that we’ve made our difference; but also know that we’re not done yet. When we help others sow their seeds. We start shedding our leaves, knowing that winter is coming. And smiling, we wait for it. 

Winter. The cold season. The season when we, like flowers and leaves, fade away in the snow. When we, like trees, lose all our leaves. And pray for the trees to come. Pray for them to grow stronger and better. When we retrospect on our life and smile at what we’ve achieved. When we’re satisfied… Satisfaction is the end of life. 

We all live our life like a year of seasons. We bloom and then we fade away. What matters is that despite the sun, rain, and hail, we still keep going. What matters is that we achieve our goal, any goal that we set. What matters is, that in the end, when the snow envelops us, we smile with satisfaction at what we’ve achieved. 

All seasons are equally important. The proper nourishment in Spring, hard work in Summer, harvest and helping others sow in Autumn, and satisfaction in Winter. 

Live your life, it’s yours to live. Life your life, so that you greet Winter with the biggest smile on your face. 

Live your life, like no one ever has. 

Live your life, grow, and help others grow. 



6 thoughts on “Seasons. And life. 

    1. I’m really glad that you liked it, mum. You have me this topic. And before writing about it, I hadn’t given it a thought. Thank you for enhancing my thinking by making me think something that if never thought before.


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