Stand tall. 

Good afternoon everyone.

Hope you’re all having a great day! Sorry for the late post.

Today, let’s Stand Tall.

No, I don’t mean standing tall with an air of arrogance and insouciance.

I mean, despite all our troubles, all our obstacles, let’s learn to Stand Tall.

This past weekend, I watched a movie, Bridge of Spies. A brilliantly made movie with a few amazing lessons to be learnt.

The Standing Man…

The person who always stands and doesn’t stay down. The world pushes and shoves everyone; but this person gets up. No matter how badly Life pushes, no matter how many times; this person gets up. This is what we should strive for; to be our best – The Standing Man. Eventually they’re going to get tired of pushing you; and you’ll still stay standing. Even Rocky Balboa said,

“It will beat you to your knees,

And keep you there permanently if you let it…

You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life,

But it ain’t about how hard ya hit…

It’s about how hard you can get hit, and still keep moving forward.

How much you can take and keep moving forward.

That’s how Winning is done!”

I know it’s not easy. The disheartenment after defeat is not an easy feeling to overcome; but when we do overcome, that’s when we succeed.

Even after a loss, if we keep faith in ourselves, learn from our mistakes and try harder next time; then we haven’t lost. We’ve actually won; maybe not in gold, but won over our mind.

We often think, we’re helpless; we don’t have anyone; nothing seems to be going right. But guess what – You are the only person you need, and you’re the one who perceives how things are.

So, next time when life hits, stand back up, and say, ‘Not anymore. This is my time now.’ And live your life Standing Tall.



8 thoughts on “Stand tall. 

  1. Abhay, you have again motivated me … I totally agree with ‘Standing Tall’ … It’s not about proving a point to anyone but a reflection of your self-belief and ‘I CAN DO ATTITUDE’ …
    Keep up your good work, stay blessed.

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  2. Very encouraging bro …….many a times it also happens with my strong determination changes into strong deviation ,i get deviated from my path but when i realise ,i again start following my path to stand straight against the obstacles ……and as u said i will nevert leave trying STAND straight ….

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  3. I’m impressed with your command over words and range of thought! You are indeed way ahead of your age! Keep growing at this pace and you’ll soon be at an unsurpassable position in life. I’m not yet sure of your belief in the God Almighty but would ask you to always strive and form a bond with Him, and then you’ll be just the best!

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