Good vs Evil.

Good afternoon everyone! 

Today, we celebrate Dusshehra, the symbolic representation of the eternal battle of Good vs Evil. 

So, let’s talk about that today – Good vs Evil.

The Opposites. The concept of this universe. And the eternal battle between them. 

What is good? And what is bad?

In any given situation, ‘good’ is the desirable outcome; whereas ‘bad’ is the undesirable. These two possibilities arise within us. Inside our minds. And it also depends on individual perception and how the people around him view his actions. For example, in a gang, doing an otherwise ‘good’ thing (like preventing terror activities) can be considered a ‘bad’ thing in the gang. It’s all about what’s desirable in the situation. 

But not just seeing what’s desirable, we must also raise ourselves to have a moral compass that doesn’t go bonkers at times.

It’s also about keeping our emotions in check. Because our emotions help us decide. Keeping the negative emotions (anger, hatred, sadness) at bay while strengthening and enforcing our positive emotions. 

A wise person once told me,

“Carefully evaluate your emotions and situations,

Whether it’s worth a dollar or a cent,

And then act accordingly.”

Your emotions influence your actions. If you feel good, you’ll naturally act good.

It all comes down to three things:

  • Have a good morality
  • Feel good, happy, positive
  • Believe in yourself

These three things will automatically help you act good. And will make you a good person and help you achieve what you want.

Now, the battle within. The eternal struggle.

You can never win a real battle, if you haven’t won your battles inside.’

It’s tough; but not impossible. Trust your instincts. Your heart knows what’s right and what’s not. Feel with your heart, think with your brain.

If you’re ever unsure about taking a decision, first weigh all the pros and cons.

If you’re still unsure, flip a coin.

The result of the toss doesn’t matter.

During the half-second that the coin is in the air, you’ll want the coin to turn a particular side. That’s the right answer.

Not the result of the toss; but what you want it to be.

The inner battle between good and bad just comes down to one thing – Clarity. Be clear about what’s right. Don’t have any doubts in your heart. And believe in it.

“We’ve all got both,

Light and Dark,

inside of us.

What matters is the part

we choose to act on,

That’s who we really are.”

-Sirius Black

This outlook has helped me a lot through my life. And hope it will help yours too. 
Happy Living and Happy Dusshehra!



7 thoughts on “Good vs Evil.

  1. Abhay, you have given some great examples… I agree with your thoughts … Good & bad are part of the same coin, it is our judgement & perception, that helps us to choose . Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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