Good afternoon everyone!

Hope you’re having a relaxing day. Today, let’s talk about Failure. 

Failure. Forget actual failure; this word itself fills us with dread. The fear of failure is more terrifying than failure itself. We think of failure as doom. But it’s not. 

Success and failure are relative. You just have to look at it with a different perspective. Everyone has a different opinion. For example, getting 80 marks might be a success for some, and failure for others.

The problem isn’t failure; the problem is our outlook towards it. Our loss of hope and helplessness when failure is impending and our self-depreciating and low-esteemed attitude after we’ve failed. But we have to change this attitude. 

There’s a Chinese proverb that goes,

“Failure is not falling down,

But refusing to get up.”

This saying is so true. Often when we fail, we lose all hope and belief in ourself. We think that we won’t be able to do that again. We think that we’re not ‘capable’ enough of completing that particular task. 

But friends, just because you failed on a given day doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed again! Simple reason: That day has gone, and it will never come back! Just because you failed that day, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed on another day! No two days are the same. 

You cannot succeed without failure. In fact, there’s no definition of success without failure. 

Failure is Success in progress.

Failure is a new beginning. Failure is a chance to start afresh with a clean slate; but wiser, smarter and stronger.  

The most famous ‘failure’ of all time, Thomas Edison said, 

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. 

The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

We can succeed even when we fail; by trying again just that one more time. You may fail a million times; but you only need that one time to succeed. So keep trying, till you reach that one time! The best success stories always start with failure
Just remember,

Fall seven times,

Stand up eight.

Happy living!



6 thoughts on “Failure.

  1. Abhay, excellent description of ‘Failure’…. Failure is a key to success, the hidden lesson is, don’t repeat the same mistake & come stronger.
    Abhay, I always love your work. God Bless You.

    Liked by 1 person

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