Good afternoon all!

The dreaded Monday is here. The hard realisation that our weekend bliss is over, and that Life is waiting in the ring. The very thought of Monday turns our mood sour. We spend an entire day cursing Monday and wishing that we could have just one more day in our cozy bed, with a hot beverage and just snuggled up in our Dreamland. 

I woke up today morning cursing Monday and thinking, “I wish today was another holiday.” Then I read mum’s Good morning texts to me and smiled. 

Then I thought and realised something. 

Monday is just another day. It is us, who’ve made even the thought of it dreadful! And Monday definitely isn’t the worst day; no day is the worst. 

In fact, Monday is the best day in the entire week. Yes, surprisingly, it is. 

Monday offers us a fresh start. Monday is a new beginning. And that’s how we should treat it. Instead of cursing Monday, we should welcome it with a smile. Because Monday is when the first step is taken. And each Monday we start, we’re wiser. We use our lessons learnt in the previous week. Monday is when we reset the clock and set our targets. 

So, stop dreading Monday. Smile. And have a great day!

So, reset your clock. Set your targets. Smile. And take on life. 

Happy Living!



2 thoughts on “Monday.

  1. Abhay , Yes, Monday is the beginning of new week and during the week we mark our accomplishments & feel contented. Weekends, again rejuvenate our energies for a new start & coming week.
    Abhay, I am glad my morning texts motivate you & bring a smile on your face….. Keep smiling & be happy during the week & always.

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