Good afternoon all!

Let’s talk about Purpose today. 

This small word with so much power. Something that everyone must have; but most don’t. Something that everyone knows inside; but also don’t know if you ask them. Something that usually everybody is deluded about; but it has the simplest answer.

You may have your Purpose: saving the world, earning money, staying happy. But all these are secondary because it brings us to an age-old question — 

What is the Purpose of Life?

Well, I think I have an answer. And it’s actually simple. 

The Purpose of Life is to ‘live‘. 

Yep. That’s it. But let me elaborate a bit on that. 

The Purpose of Life is to live. But, live life as You want. Live life on your terms. Live life like no one ever has lived before. Live like even though everybody will aspire to live like you; nobody will ever live like you. 

People want to live like a ‘King’ or Royalty. 

I say,

‘Don’t live like a King,

Live like You!’

Be your own King;  your life is your Kingdom. Rule your Kingdom wisely, so that others wish to come in. And have a golden heart, so you can accommodate all that come. Rule wisely, so that people sing songs of you long after you’ve gone. Rule humbly, so that people have pride in you; but also don’t let it creep into your heart and mind. 

You are your own Master. You are your God. Go Live your Life as you want. 

O ineffable King, May You rule your Kingdom wisely!

Happy Living.



4 thoughts on “Purpose.

  1. Well as per Gurbani the purpose to live is to be one with the Almighty which can be achieved through true Love for and Fear (as in Respect) for God. For that we must guard against the five vices of Kaam Krodh Lobh Moh Ahankar. This doesn’t mean we have to live like inanimate things but live life with full control over these vices. If we live with detachment to all these vices while still realising that these are an integral part of our daily lives then that is the true living! Just for example aspiring for a Ferrari is ok but that shouldn’t be your life’s mission and you shouldn’t fret a fickle over loosing it if you must!

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    1. You’ve put it very rightly Mamu.
      Living with a detachment to inanimate objects while realising that they’re an integral part of our life. I couldn’t have put it better. Only then can we live in peace and find happiness. Getting attached to superficiality is the worst thing that can happen.


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