Good evening all. 

Sorry for the late past. I’m writing this post, sitting at a university function with no internet. Hungry, thirsty, no internet, dust all around. I’m sure you can relate if you’ve been to a marching function at your university. 

It’s ironical. While losing my patience; I’m writing about it.

It is a necessary virtue to have. It is the power that helps you keep your head even when the world around you loses their. 

Patience is hard to achieve, especially if you’ve been hot-blooded all your life. We lose our minds when someone opposes us. We’re so arrogant, thinking that we’re right, that we refuse to listen to the other person. When we wait in queues, we curse the system for being inefficient. We say,“Why should I wait? It’s their job to help me.” 

Well, we have to wait sometimes. If we have to get work done, we have to wait. Firstly, it’s our work that’ll be done and us who’ll profit. And secondly, why do spend our waiting time thinking negative thoughts, when we can spend that time thinking positive thoughts. Instead of cursing the system, why don’t we think about all the ways we can grow and prosper?

Joyce Meyer said,

Patience is not the ability to wait;

But how you act, while you’re waiting.”

When we have an argument with someone, why don’t we just take a deep breath and calm ourselves? Why don’t we just listen?

I read an amazing thought today,

“When you’re tempted to lose your patience with someone,

Think how patient God and your loved ones have been with you.”

The best thing to do in an argument is-

Don’t say the first thing that comes to your mind; it’s the Anger speaking. 

Don’t say the second thing that comes to your mind; it’s Retaliation to what the other person said. 

Say the third thing that comes to your mind because by then, your mind is a bit unclouded and you can think clearly. 

The next time you’re waiting or know that you’re being pulled into an argument, just do as I said. You’ll be fine. This moment of impatience will pass. 

Another thing that we all are very impatient about, is our success. We want us to be millionaires over the night; but we forget that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ None of the great success stories are stories of people who made it in a single night. Those people toiled hard, day and night, sometimes for years, to get where they are. 

And if they can do it, so can you. You might be at par or better than these people; but I guarantee you’re not below them. If you think so, then look at yourself, look inside you; and think again. 

So, be patient. Have faith in yourself. And work hard. Live. And succeed. 

Happy Living. 



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