Good evening everyone. I hope that you’re all having a great and relaxing Sunday. 

Today lets introspect and talk about ourselves. Let’s talk about our individuality. 

We are constantly at war with ourselves. How to act. What to do. It’s always us vs the world. Whether we’re making these choices because we want to or because the world wants us to. 

We often suppress our choices in lieu of the more conservative or popular views. We’re scared to go against the World. Scared to put our views forward. In the cacophony of the World, our voice is barely a whisper. The World wants conformity. The World categorises you and expects you to conform. The World forgets that you are You. Furthermore, it makes even us forget that. 

But now listen. And imprint it in your mind. 

You are You. 

There was no one ever like you in this world; and no one ever will be. You are unique. Embrace your individuality. If the World doesn’t like it, so what? It’s your life that you’re living, not anybody else’s. 

All of us are not all-rounders, scientists or sportsmen. And more often that not, the world mocks us on our shortcomings. Just remember,

“Never forget who you are. 

The rest of the World will not. 

Wear it like armour.

And it can never be used to hurt you.”

Tyrion Lannister

I know I’ve said it earlier. But I’ll say it again. So what if you’re not the fastest or the smartest? Always remember that you are You. You have a hundred qualities that no one else has. Be proud of your accomplishments and embrace your shortcomings. That’s who you are. So smile, my friend. Just be you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,

“To be yourself in a world, that is constantly trying to make you something else,

is the greatest accomplishment in this World.”

Just try to be You. Your individuality is what makes you special. It’s what sets you apart from the rest of the World. Your individuality is what makes you, You. 

Oscar Wilde said,

“Be yourself;

Everyone else is already taken.”

Be You. 

Happy Living!



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