Good morning everyone!

Have a great day!

Let’s talk about moving forward today.

Today, Mum sent me the pic that I’ve put above. It reads,

“Don’t look back,

You’re not going that way.’

And it’s such an amazing thought and it couldn’t be truer.

A lot of our time is spent thinking about our past. Not just about the past, mostly we spent our time and energy thinking about the bad decisions that we’ve made in our life and regretting a bunch of stuff. We either regret or lament about bad things that happened to us. Our constant rendezvous with our ‘bad’ past is a major hindrance in our path to success.

Friends, just remember,

‘The path to success is a one-way street;

Going the wrong way will just get you stuck.’

The thing is looking at our past is not a bad thing. Our past also has some amazing moments that we can look at and other moments that we can learn from. Yes, we had our bad moments but instead of  lamenting, why don’t we learn from them.

‘Looking back at our past should be like looking at the rear-view mirror;

An occasional glance to learn.

It shouldn’t be like looking back and then turning around to go that way.’

Guys. Keep your eyes forward. Success is that way. The road may be rocky, but remember that you’re a good driver and keep your belief.

Happy Living!

Have a safe and pleasant journey!



2 thoughts on “Forward

  1. Abhay you are correct, past has both good and bad memories, the trick is to recall good moments because they will give you joy and strength to move forward whereas bad moments give us courage and determination to never repeat the same mistakes… Lesson learnt from them is success on it’s own.

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