Good afternoon everyone.

Hope you’re having a great day!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was caught up in a bit of Uni work.

Anyway, today let’s talk about Heroes. 

Hero. A person who we strive to be. Our saviour. A person who inspires and motivates us. A person who has reached a level of Greatness that we all look to achieve.

Everyone has someone that they look upto. Someone, who they think is special. Someone extraordinary. Their Hero. We look at that person, admire and strive.

And usually, looking at others we forget the main Hero of our story. Us.

We are the Heroes of our own story.

Don’t look for anyone to save you. You are your own saviour. You are your own own motivation. You are your own goal. Be your own Hero. Instead of looking at others and striving to be where they are, why don’t you look at yourself in the future and strive to be there? Why don’t you make the future You, your hero?

Just believe in Yourself.

Just because you don’t wear a cape or a mask, doesn’t mean you’re not a hero. 

These aren’t the necessary qualities of a hero; a kind heart and belief in oneself are. 

We always have someone who looks upto us. Be their Hero. Never lose belief in yourself, for yourself and for them.

When I was made the School Captain at Dalhousie , I knew it was a big deal. It was huge for me. But there was an incident that made me realise how big it actually was. It wasn’t my mum’s or my family’s pat on my back. It was a junior who’d been with me for a few years. He said, “I knew you’d do it. You’re my Hero and I’m so proud of you.” That moment I realised the gravity of the situation. I have the younger crop looking upon me. Looking at what I do, how I do. Seeking at me for advice.

Here’s my advice for you,

“When you’re unable to decide and want advice, don’t go to anyone. 

Ask your Hero, your future You. You’ll get your answer.

Because That will be the best advice anyone can give you.”

Don’t think that your future self doesn’t really exist in the material world, so how can that be my Hero. Don’t forget, my friend,

Hero is not a person. 

It is an idea.

An idea of Greatness, that no one has achieved. 

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. What matters is that you feel it, because that’s the truest of our senses.

Be your Hero. Strive to be You.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Living!



2 thoughts on “Hero

  1. We all look up to our mentors & heroes and want to be like them but the truth is, there is a hero in us, we just need to believe in ourself & be the person we are, that is when our hero surfaces and we actually become someone’s hero.

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