Dead Poets Society 

Good morning everyone! Hope that you all had a great weekend!

Today, I’m going to talk about one of my favourite movies, Dead Poets Society.  

A few days ago, I was talking to a guy from my Uni. An Armyman’s son, he too wanted to go in the Army. But he was here, doing engineering, because that’s what his dad wanted him to do. It reminded me of the movie. 

My mum has always been very supportive of my decisions, particularly of what I want to do in my life. But even today, many parents plan their children’s lives for them and the children have little or no say in that matter. This either kills ambition or prevents it from nurturing in the first place. I agree, their intentions are good. They just want their kids to live a comfortable life. But dear Parents, instead of telling them to do something, why don’t you ask them what they want? Then nurture their ambitions and let them grow. Because then, they’ll truly be as successful as humanly possible, plus they’ll even be happy! You might be filling your life’s dream by making your child an engineer or a doctor; but remember, your child is living his own life, not yours. 

And children, don’t lose hope. Find what you love, no matter how unconventional or different it may be. And then work hard to achieve it, listening to nobody; just your heart. 

A lot of people will demotivated and discourage you,

But you only need one person to believe in you to succeed;

That person is You

Don’t think that your parents aren’t proud of you. Be successful in whatever you do; and make them proud. That’s all they want, your success and happiness. When they know that you’ve achieved it, then they’ll breathe a bit easier. Tell your parents what you want. What you’re passionate about. And together achieve your success. Never be afraid of sharing your dreams with your parents. Believe that they’ll harbour them, not discard them. And just believe in yourself. 

For both parents and children, 

The best profession isn’t the one which pays a million dollars;

It’s the one that puts a smile on your face, and pays a million dollars. 

“You can be successful at anything, if you’re the best at it.”

So dream. Work hard. Achieve. But most importantly, Believe. 

Happy Living!

Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Dead Poets Society 

  1. Parents selflessly think about their children’s success but as a parent we can only nurture them, guide them, motivate them & regardless of the outcome, always stand by them. We give them wings so we need to encourage them to spread their wings & fly higher to achieve & live their dreams.
    Well done Abhay … Good work & always follow your dreams because “I BELIEVE IN YOU”…..

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  2. Loved this one…parents of today need to step back and give choices to their children…and nurture them to be able to stand up and make a correct choice and be happy with it

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