Good afternoon everyone!

Hope that you all have a great day! 

Today let’s talk about Trust. 

The thread that binds together every relationship is not love; its trust. For without trust, there wouldn’t be any love. 

Trust is basically believing in someone. I trust people a lot. Everyone who knows me, knows that I have this unmitigated trust in pretty much everyone. I always believe people. I mean, why would they lie to me? It’s just easier to believe that they’re telling the truth. 

People get hurt and end up never trusting other people again. Yes, my naïve belief has also ended up hurting me. Some people manipulate, deceive and cheat. But that’s Life and it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t trust others. Simple reason: ‘No two people are alike.’

Just because A hurt you, it doesn’t give you a reason not to trust B. It just gives you a reason to be careful, which you should. 

You must always be true, to yourself and to others. Because,

Trust takes years to build,

Seconds to destroy,

And forever to recover. 

Never break someone’s trust. Instead, reward them by trusting them. Believe in the world. There’s too much disbelief and distrust in this world. 

Make someone feel loved and trusted. Even they’ll be encouraged to do the same. 

I may sound very preachy, but this is what the world needs: Love which arises from Trust. 

So guys. Today’s Lesson is simple:

Live. Laugh. Love. 

That’s what the world needs to learn

Happy Living!



4 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Trust is huge for me too, once broken I still give benefit of doubt & chances to people but when broken repeatedly I can never trust them again. I never break someone’s trust & expect the same…
    Well done Abhay


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