Good afternoon everyone.

Last week, the world stopped. Everybody was glued to their TV screens in shock as they witnessed chaos descend over Paris. 6 coordinated attacks in less than an hour took place around Paris, killing 129 people and injuring 352. This isn’t all. There was a funeral bombing at Baghdad and another suicide bombing at Beirut. And this is not counting the perennial war going on in Syria, Iraq and all around the world. 

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. They thought that they achieved success. But they didn’t. Yes, we did lose a lot of precious lives; but these attacks brought us closer and made us stronger.  We showed Them that We are One. The World stood in solidarity with Paris. 

A journalist who was held captive by the group has also revealed that IS isn’t scared of big armies or a war; it is scared of the World uniting against Them. And that is what we need to be. We need to be united. We need to be one. Whether it’s France or Lebanon or Syria, it doesn’t matter. Because terrorism isn’t against a particular community or a country; it’s against Humanity. 

And they don’t kill because of a particular religion, even if they claim it. They kill because they have a twisted and wrong perception of religion. IS claims to kill in the name of Allah and Islam. But what they don’t realize is that even the word Islam is derived from a word meaning peace. It’s written in the Quran,

“Humanity is but a single Brotherhood:

So make peace with your Brethren.”

In fact, no single religion is responsible for terrorism. No religion propagates Terror. Religions spread Love and Peace. So, blaming Islam or any other religion is wrong. In fact, out of the top 10 countries affected by terrorism, 8 of them are Muslim. And unlike what we all think, 94% of the terrorist activities are by non-Muslims. 

In order to get rid of terrorism, first, we have to let go of our terrorism ‘stereotypes’. Stop classifying terrorists as Muslim or not. Stop thinking whether your rival country is responsible for them. 

Terrorists are Terrorists. Period. 

It doesn’t matter where they belong or what group they’re from. 

They’re united in their twisted beliefs

And We have to be united in our Humanity. 

That’s what separates Us from Them. 

Terrorists want Us to be divided. We can defeat them by putting our differences aside, and being Together. We have to show them that we cannot be apart, no matter what. 

The war against terrorism isn’t a country’s war. It is a Global war and we have to fight together. 

In the aftermath of the attacks, Parisians acted in the best possible way: continue living Life as usual. This is the best and final way to defeat them: Show them that we’re not affected. Show them that we’re stronger than ever now. 

Show them that We are One.

United. Smiling. Forever. 

Happy Living!



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