It’s been a long time…

Hi guys! Long time no see, I guess. Hope you’ve all been doing well.

I had my University exams, so I’m sorry for not being in touch.

I learnt a few things during my social exile. The biggest thing I learnt was managing not only Time, but also Myself. I learnt it from a short episode that happened.

During my exams, I had three days of continuous tough exams. I’d spent my prior days preparing for the first two exams, and as a result I wasn’t as properly prepared for the third exam as I should’ve been. I had a lot of syllabus to revise for the third one, a subject that I wasn’t very fond of. The moment I saw the syllabus, I did something which I shouldn’t have done at all.

I got scared.

I lost belief in myself. I thought I couldn’t do it. Thinking this, I couldn’t focus fully on doing it. I talked to mum and she gave me my belief back. It wasn’t too late. I studied, deep into the night, and up with the sun. I studied all night, trying to cram as much in my cranium as possible. I actually thought of getting about some shut-eye, but I didn’t, for fear of not waking up. So, I stayed up, against my mum’s advice, just trying to cram every formula, and learn as much as I could.

That was my second mistake. I should’ve listened to her. Three days of sleep deprivation coupled with my fear, came like a sledgehammer to my head. My fear multiplied, writing the paper, caught like a deer in the headlights. I finally thought about what I told others in similar situations and I controlled myself to write. It wasn’t the best paper I’d written.

But this experience taught me a very important thing-

Managing time isn’t the most important thing;

The most important thing is mananging Yourself.

You can’t manage anything, if you can’t manage Yourself.

But the most important thing I learnt was-

Always listen to your Mum.

Or an equivalent wise person,

Because even though their advice may not be the best option that you think; it will actually be the best possible option.

Throughout this episode, Mum told me,

Your Fear is just a feeling,

Conquer it.

And now, I have. After that debacle, I have finaly learnt these things and more. I have learnt to practice what I preach in a situation which I’d never been in before. I have finally learnt that-

A mountain is only as tall as you want it to be. 

And now I’m enlightened.

(I agree not to the Buddha level, but the feeling isn’t that different)

Finally, it’s so great to be back and I look forward to seeing you all again.

Have a great week ahead and enjoy your holidays!

Happy Living!



2 thoughts on “It’s been a long time…

  1. Abhay, Welcome back, again beautifully expressed… Keep up the good work…
    Abhay it is never to late & a wise person will always learn from their mistakes and understand that there are no retakes or repeats in life…..
    I am so glad you are very wise…. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

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