Good afternoon everyone!

My best friend messaged me today, saying that she was turning off her whatsapp in order to be able to prepare for the upcoming class XII board exams. And another one started her competitive tuitions to prepare for the medical exams. It reminded me of the same time last year when I was preparing for my boards, and others were preparing for various exams. 

So this post is for you, Jas and Daksha, and all the people going to give an exam, sooner or later, boards or competitive. 

Exams. A word that can make most cringe or sigh with despair. Supposedly, exams are the assessment and evaluation of our knowledge. But recently, they’ve mainly become the evaluation of the amount of stuff we can cram in our cranium in two months. But nonetheless, we’re required to give them. 

So first, stop cursing exams. 

You know you have to give them anyway, so why waste time cursing and loathing them when you can spend the same time preparing for them. 

Here’s how a typical timeline of a person giving exams goes (before the exam):

6 months before: Acknowledgement that there’re 6 months left for the exams. Vague vows are made to study (rarely kept)

4 months before: Tell everyone that you’re going to study, but think to yourself that there’re 4 months left and relax. Vows are made to study everyday (between books and Game of Thrones, GOT usually wins)

2-3 months before: Datesheet comes out. Lose your mind and waste half a month cursing the Datesheet and starting to open your books and study. Also, vows are made. Again. (Except this time they’re somewhat kept)

1 month before: Wipe yourself off the face of social Earth and actual studying and excessive cramming continues. 

(Exam cursing continues throughout)

In the end, you just end up doing the same thing you should’ve started doing six months ago, except now in lesser time and consequently, lesser focus. 

Well, what’s done is done. Time can’t come back. And there’s no time travel yet, so even you can’t go back. Instead, here’re a few exam tips:

  • The most important thing is believing in yourself and the fact that you can do it. Believe in your capabilities to be able to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself. And most importantly- don’t lose this faith, no matter what. 
  • Like I said above, stop cursing and start studying. Your cursing won’t help you pass your exams. Au contraire, it’ll waste your time; which brings us to the next point
  • Manage your time effectively. From the above timeline, we can see how time management is a big issue. We usually waste a lot of time in the starting; the time we cry for, in the end. Make a time table and follow it. 
  • The toughness of the exam doesn’t depend on the person who’s sets it. It depends on you, the person who’s giving it. 
  • Don’t lose your focus. You have one goal and a straight road leading to it, going off the road will leave you in a ditch. 

And most importantly, always remember 

You are ineffable. 

You can do it. If you think the exam’s a Goliath, then become it’s David.

I wish you all the best!

Happy Living!



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