Good evening everyone! 

At this moment, the clock strikes midnight in Melbourne, Australia where my mum lives. And along with midnight, the clock brought in my mum’s birthday, so today let’s talk about Mothers. 

(I dedicate this post to my mum and all the mothers in the world, and I write not only from my side, but from all your children.)

Ma – not just word or a sound, but a feeling that stays with us throughout our life. The feeling of immense love, care and warmth. 

Whenever I sit down to write, I’m pretty sure about everything that’s going to be there in the post; today’s the first time I’m falling short of words on a topic. I’m not falling short due to the lack of depth, rather due to the enormity of the topic and not knowing what to say. I think it’s because no words are enough to honour our mothers. 

We think that our mothers do mainly three things – give birth to us, nurture us and help us grow into wonderful beings. Actually we don’t even think that. We don’t think anything at all because we don’t think about what they do; we think it just happens because it has to. We don’t think about how much a mother puts in, just to see that one smile on her child’s face. Our mothers may be educated or not, but they give us the best education in the world. Saying this, I bow down my head and thank you, mum and all the mothers of the world. We’d be nothing without you. Our mothers make our goals, as theirs and live their life selflessly helping us achieving them. I salute you and respect you, more than anything in this world. 

Let me narrate a personal experience:

I was in a boarding school for 10 years of my life. Away from mum most of the time of the year. And I remember, from my first year to my last, it was not just my school, but also my mum who helped me grow. She’d write me letters, every month or so. These letters were filled, not just with her care but infinite wisdom that taught me a lot. Her special cards before exams used to be her blessing to me and my motivation. There’re these small yet huge things that sometimes go unnoticed, but when you notice them, you realise the love of our Mothers. 

In one of the earliest letters she’d written to me (I was in 1st grade, I think) she’d sent a story with a message that I didn’t quite understand at that time, but I loved it. And as I grew older, I understood –

God couldn’t be present everywhere,

So he made Mothers.

And it’s true because like a guardian angel sent by God, our mothers are always looking out for us, keeping us out of trouble and guiding us. And every time that we do get in trouble, it’s because of a direct or indirect consequence of not listening to our mother. I think it’s Nature’s way of saying, ‘that’s what happens when you mess with God.’

Our mothers are real life superheroes, who don’t wear a cape or a mask; but change our lives and help us way better than any hero could. 

I think that the only feeling greater than being loved by a mother is loving as a mother. I could try and try and ultimately fail miserably trying to describe what mothers feel for their children. (I say this because I was trying right now, but I failed to capture the feeling). If you compare our feelings with our mothers’, it’s like trying to estimate the size of the ocean by taking a sip of it.

A simple thanks to all mothers-

To all the Mums,

Thank you for bringing us into this world. 

Thank you for making us who we are.

Thank you for bearing with us, all through the years 

Thanks for being the foundation of our life, that never gives away.

Thank you for your unending belief in us. 

Thank you for always being the lighthouse that shows us the way out of a storm. 

Thank you for lighting up the road to our future. 

Thank you for continuing to love us, despite our countless mistakes and mainly despite us undervaluing you. 

Thank you for being our mothers, and showing how God would look like. 

We love you.

Guys,if you’re reading this, wherever you are, call up your mum or hug her if you’re with her. Don’t just call or hug. Tell her how much you love her and thank her. Don’t just speak, feel. Trust me, it’ll give her a feeling of being reciprocated the same thing that she feels for you. 

And lastly, Happy Birthday Mum, I love you.



4 thoughts on “Ma

  1. Abhay, you have brilliantly worded and amazingly dedicated to all the mothers. Abhay, after reading this article, I can’t stop my tears and words fail me to describe how I feel. All I want to say is “I am so proud of you & you came as a blessing in my life, you always give me courage & strength”. God must really love me to give his child to me. Thanks for being in my life… Love you heaps & stay blessed šŸ˜˜

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  2. Wonderfully written! You have poured your heart out and that’s the hallmark of a real and an honest man! Salute to all the mums! And a word for you, ‘ You are simply ‘ineffably’ effable!

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  3. Beautifully worded.. Ma these two alphabets that seem to form a simple word..yet is the world for world n I would like to believe it does so for everyone else too! Words will always fall short for what a mother does for her child n to describe her attributes. Just want to say it’s because of ‘Ma’ that I ‘aM’. Stay happy n blessed n keep loving ur Ma.šŸ˜‡

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